I grew up in a small town in northern California; the kind of town that you never leave. Most of my childhood friends still live there. It was a ranching town – my best friend had two horses and we would ride around the neighborhood, yelling at cars if they came too close. It had two gas stations, one Subway and one grocery store. I met my husband there.

We have nomad blood in our veins, so we soon headed north, towards the last great wilderness we knew of: Alaska. When we reached Washington, however, a little part of our hearts fell in love and we knew we needed to explore it first.

Last year I had my beautiful little girl. We lived in a fifth wheel, traveling around northern Washington and hiking the vast mountains, and breathing in the salty sea, but since our little one has grown, we have moved to a slightly larger and more stable abode.

As a Jehovah’s Witness, I take great pride in the things our God has made in such abundant beauty and wisdom. I love how everything in nature works just so to create harmony and a system. With that love comes a want to live in a more natural way. You, dear reader, will get to be with me through my struggles as a new mom, as an urban homesteader, and as a devout Christian, as I try to reconcile what it means to be a ‘lady’ with my urge to be an adventurer and raise my daughter in the best way I know how. I know it will be a whimsical and sometimes daring adventure.