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But is it Supposed to Make Me Cry?

As any parent knows, we listen to a lot of kids music. A lot. Many times on repeat. Some send us on fantastical adventures to unknown lands, some are just classically recognized and honored, and some grate on our nerves. Rarely though, do they make us weep openly or make us want to curl into balls of abject depression.

Breezy was one of those parents that was very much into musical patterns and spoke the language fluently, so she naturally obsessed over exposing Rai to as much music as humanly possible. She would go to the library and window shop for a cd with catchy art, then promptly check it out then pop it into the cd player for the short ride home.

One day during a library excursion, she ran across The Peculiar Tales of the SS Bungalow. The music was fun and full of adventure. Rai bounced along in the back seat, a big gummy smile growing on her adorable face. But the best part? It was an 80 minute seafaring narrative with wacky characters like Sleepy Time Greg and Toothpick, and an old seafaring narrator with an old grandfatherly voice. It was like the old days when her and her mom would listen in on Sunday’s to NPR. She was soon hooked and listened to the rest at home in the living room.


Then came the part of the story (spoilers sorry) when Toothpick’s goldfish got sick and passed away. There’s a song about it, and immediately Breezy was transported to  a younger time when she too had to say goodbye to a faithful and loved pet. It’s an important lesson for all children to learn, but it touched Breezy’s heart in a quick and ferocious grip that didn’t let go and she knew she would remember that song for a long time.untitled.png

The link to the song is here, but be warned, you may shed a tear for dear sweet Aquanis.

If you have kids, I urge you to buy the cd, or download it on iTunes or Spotify.

Buy the cd here. and support the amazing story writers and music writers, players, artists, all of them. Hey it was made in Portland, too. Bonus. The Lullabians will thank you.

I didn’t receive anything for writing this, I just really liked it.



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