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Adventures in Sleeping Part 1

Breezy knew a thing or two about kids: While growing up, she had watched her mom seamlessly juggle five little ones in home child care. I use the word juggle because ‘watch’ gives the impression that a person can sit back and relax while watching kids run around similar to watching a beloved rerun of a humorous sitcom. ‘Babysit’ gives the impression of a sitting while watching kids run around: Both are impossible and erroneous. But I digress.

She later studied Early Childhood Education in college, then worked in several preschools. If questioned she would have told you that she, indeed, knew a thing or two about kids. But she knew very little about babies.

When little Rai came sliding and screaming out into the world and was pressed lovingly into Breezy’s outstretched arms, she simultaneously felt immense relief joy and love and terror wonder and fear.

If you had seen a glimpse into Breezy’s meticulously outlined and bulleted planner, you would know that Rai was four weeks early. Her due date was clearly marked, circled, and scheduled. Rai didn’t get a chance to see her mother’s planner, and even if she had, she couldn’t read. It had seemed as good a time as any, but coming four weeks before schedule made certain things hard for both of them: Breastfeeding was hard, sleeping was hard, peeing was hard, staying warm was hard, staying hydrated was hard, staying sane was hard; until they carried sweet Rai back to the cabin the grandparents had lovingly rented for them, most everything was hard, and then instinct kicked in.

Adventures in Sleeping Part 2



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