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Rainy Days are Perfect for Making Goals

It was a grey rainy morning, pretty typical of western Washington. The two clocks in Breezy’s house were out of sync, clicking a sort of sad song: click-click click-click. Breezy sighed and slumped down into her brown microfiber couch, glancing briefly at the baby moniter. Rai’s grey and white profile slept peacefully.

It was the beginning of February, time to make some new goals. “Let’s see here.” She looked down at the intimidating whiteness of the envelope below her. “I really didn’t do much last month so this should be easy.” She had picked up the habit of talking to herself after Rai was born,a common habit of new moms. All the baby advice said that talking to a baby helped foster communication, and since Rai typically didn’t answer back in recognizable English, Breezy was used to no reply. She numbered the paper 1-10. “Bills, bills, let’s get on top of those this month, eh?” Bills took the number one spot on the list. She still had quite some debt from Rai’s labor. “Pinterest has some pretty good budget trackers I can use.” She was a shamless Pinterest addict. “Then what else: adventure, projects, spiritual stuff, cleaning. Check, check, check. Ok. That should do it.” She was using an empty envelope that she had found lying around, too lazy to dig through her closet for a proper piece of paper.


Some might call it an ambitious list, some might call it poorly constructed and badly planned. Breezy thought it rather nice and posted it on the bulletin board by the front door next to the calendar that read: “Wherever you go, go with all of your heart.”  She happily sipped her hot cocoa, complete with whip cream and sprinkles and started tidying up the living room.


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