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There is Never a Good Time to Lock Yourself out of the House

It was a surprising snowfall. A soft quiet fell across Washington as the snow fell early in the morning. Breezy woke up slowly, looking up at the ceiling in the dark. She said a soft morning prayer then stretched, rolling over to a pair of watchful eyes staring back at her. Breezy peeled off a loud startled laugh, and Rai grinned then laughed forcefully, her two front teeth glinting. “Rai what are you doing up you silly goose?” Rai smiled widely, “Grah da da.” Breezy shook her head and grabbed Rai, lifting her up into the air and swinging her around, using the momentum to hoist them both out of bed. She hitched Rai up onto her hip and strolled out to the living room. “The house is a mess Rai. What happened?” She gingerly stepped over a pile of laundry, sidestepped the avalanche of books, circled Suzie, and opened the drapes.

A white carpet of snow greeted them. The sun was just starting to rise behind the clouds, throwing everything into a semi dark filter. Rai pointed at the window, “Dah” “Yes I think there’s a foot or something. It’s deep.”


The morning proceeded as planned: Free time, breakfast, nap. When Rai woke back up, she was confronted with a purple snowsuit, a large jacket, and a giddy mother. “We’re gunna make a snowman!” Breezy grabbed her in a large hug, swinging her around, while Rai tested her arm mobility, raising and dropping her arms: hm not good. This could be due to the increase in cloth covering her appendages. She needed to experiment more.

Breezy quickly slipped into some boots and took them outside, closing the door behind her as an afterthought. Rai guffawed at the cold wind brushing against her cheek. The whole world was white! She looked up and small white dust landed softly on her eyelashes.

Suzie Q, the mini Australian Shepherd, was bounding through the snow, as giddy as a mouse confronted with a large pile of cheese. She jumped high into the air , then raced back and forth across the front lawn. Breezy sat Rai down and started grabbing handfuls of snow and throwing them like tennis balls. This gave Rai the perfect opportunity to explore this white new world. Rai usually confronted life’s perplexing riddles with a smile and an outstretched hand, but this was concerningly chilly. Her eyebrows were drawn together tightly as she grabbed handfuls of the white powder. She decided that she preferred watching this from the other-side of her warm living room window, and called to her mother in her perfect baby dialect, “GUFF GUUF tcha tcha!” Breezy glanced down and gave her a smile that warmed her up, “Is my little Rai unsure of the snow?” She obeyed Rai’s urging and picked up the purple bundle. “This is snow, Rai. It’s frozen water that falls from the sky. Well sort of. It isn’t hail. Look it covers everything!” Rai looked around, “shuuuh shuuuh,” she whispered. Maybe if she gave mom a kiss she would take her back inside. She gave it a try kissing her chin. “Alright we’ll come back out and make a snowman later.”

Breezy strolled back to the door and tried to turn the knob. LOCKED. She tried again just to make sure. LOCKED. Of course, her door locked automatically if she didn’t turn the lock before she closed the door. She checked her pockets for keys:nope. “Shuuh shuh tcha tcha aaaaaiaaa,” Rai babbled. “Oh right the back door.” She smiled at Rai so as not to induce panic and hurried back to the backdoor. LOCKED. “Well. hm if I had my purse I could use a credit card. Oh! the car.” The snow was falling a little thicker and a little colder. She hurried back to the car and tried the door:unlocked! “Yes!” She yelled at no one in particular. She reached in, baby still on hip, pulled out a library card and jammed it into the door sliding up down around out in. It wasn’t working. “This was so much easier when I was a kid.” She tried again for good measure then realized she had to come up with a different plan. She also realized she had to pee. She had to pee really bad. “AAAAIEEEE ya ya ya,” Rai’s babbles were getting louder and she looked at Rai’s red nose guiltily and shot off a quick text to her husband. ‘locked out of the house while playing in the snow.’


“I’ll just have to climb in through a window,” she said aloud, again no one but Rai was in hearing distance but it gave her confidence to hear a plan said out loud. “God why did I get locked out TODAY. Was it because I boasted about never having done it before? I really really have to pee.” This sentence was aimed at the Big Guy Upstairs. It wasn’t the most elegant prayer. She remembered the car and safely buckled the babbling Rai into her car seat. “Ok love, mummy will be right back, OK?” She closed the door and ran full speed to the backyard. Window:LOCKED. Step-stool. Got it. She ran to the front living room window: unlocked, thank you God. Step-stool: too short. She ran back to the car out of breath and dancing the universal I’m going to pee my pants dance and peeked into the car. Rai was playing with a stuffed dog. She ran, slipping slightly back to the backyard, found a bucket full of miscellaneous junk, dumped it all over the backyard and ran back to the window setting the bucket on top of the step-stool. “There we go. Now don’t break your neck Breezy.” The kids down the street stopped playing briefly to watch a 20 something woman hoist herself wobbly into a window sill and fall into a living room. It was far from the most interesting thing they had seen, but it was still noted.


Breezy, surging with adrenaline, ran to the door, swung it open wide, opened the car door to a still unconcerned Rai, hurried her inside and ran to the bathroom. Never a happier pee. She texted her husband, ‘broke in through the window. We’re inside and warm.’ She relaxed and stood with her hands on her hips, looking out the window into the snowy yard. A phone call buzzed her front pocket, “Hello?” Aspen’s voice came through with a mixture of anger and respect, “so…” Breezy pointed at the phone and smiled at Rai, “it’s daddy! we’re fine and warm now don’t worry.” Aspen was quiet for awhile, “You broke the window?” Breezy laughed out loud, “no no I broke IN through the window. No the window isn’t broken.” Aspen’s voice relaxed, “oh the way you said it. Ok good.” Breezy grinned, “have a good rest of your day honey.” “You too, love you.” “love you too, bye.” Rai ignored them trying to pull off the large purple snowpants. “AAAAAAIEEEEEEE”

What about you, dear reader? Have you ever locked yourself out of the house?  Have you ever broken into your own house? Are you smart enough to have a spare key somewhere outside?



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