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DIY Cloud Banner

Here is an easy and frugal cloud banner for your little love bugs bedroom! It’s completely customizable. Use grey felt for storm clouds or use different colored thread to match the nursery decor.This whole project cost me about $5.00. Yep. You read that right.



Felt – whatever cloud color you would like. I used four sheets of white felt.

Embroidery Thread – I used teal for the stitch and white to hang the clouds

Stuffing – It can be anything you have lying around. I used toilet paper. Shhh it’s a secret.

Big thick sewing needle

That’s it! You really don’t need a cloud stencil. Think puffy thoughts.


Step 1:

Cut your felt sheet in half. Fold that half in half and draw a beautiful fluffy cloud. DO NOT worry too much about a perfect cloud, or whether it looks cumulonimbus enough. I varied my size and shape with each one, because, you know, they’re clouds. Now cut through both sheets so you end up with two. If you’re wondering what to use to draw your cloud, I used a crayon for half, then lost it so used a marker for the rest. Just flip your cloud inside out so the marker doesn’t show.

Step 2:

Do you know how to blanket stitch? No, neither did I. So I looked it up on YouTube.Pretty easy. Just blanket stitch around the outside of the cloud with your thread. Again, don’t worry about stitching perfectly. I think that a little difference gives it that cute whimsical look. Stitch til its about 75% closed then stuff the cloud. Now finish stitching it up.

Step 3:

Run your white thread through the back of the clouds and TAH-DAH it’s a banner, or garland. I stitched near the top of the cloud so it would hang right. Now just put it up on the wall and enjoy!


Let me know if you tried in the comments below. Did it work? Any suggestions?



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