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A Goal Charged May

Then from the drizzly grey Seattle morning, she reappeared, as quickly and quietly as she disappeared months before. She was like that.  March and April had been full of wonder and discovery, but they were also harsh, unsympathetic to her moods or whims. But May: May was full of promise. May was full of spring and sun and flowers, warm and inviting. And here is what she made:

spring cleaningThe challenge: 31 days to complete a spring clean of the home. Some tasks large, some small so that if something time consuming comes up, there are some littler tasks to wrestle. You wouldn’t happen to want to join the challenge yourself, would you? Who am I kidding, of course you would. Here you go, free of charge, of course. My gift to you for being amazing and inspiring readers.

spring cleaning blank

Will you be spring cleaning this year, or do you consider it an empty goal, something you’ll start then abandon, like cliche resolutions? Share your stories and methods below.



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